EFM 15W Automatic Wireless Charging Mount

EFM 15W Automatic Wireless Charging Mount



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The EFM 15W Wireless Auto-Sensor Car Mount is a charger that showcases the latest new thing in auto-sensor technology. It is easily connected to your vehicle’s power outlet via the included EFM 39W Car Charger and Type-C cable. This 15W Wireless Auto-Sensor car chargers mount can easily recognise a device in front of it through an Infrared sensor. Then it opens the gripping arms so that you can securely place your device in it. And if you have to release your device, you can simply press either of the silver release buttons underneath the gripping arms.

Key Features:

• 15W fast wireless charging
• Automatic sensor detection
• 360-degree rotation
• Window Mount
• Easy installation
• Built-in protection features


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