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2 Common Android Tablet Problems And Solutions


Have you just spent a lot of money on an Android tablet, but now it’s giving you trouble? Know that most of the issues you could run across with it can be resolved before you give up and throw it out. Restarting the tablet by turning it off is an excellent place to start, but maybe that didn’t work out for your particular issue.Read on for common Android tablet troubles and how to fix them.

Neither On Nor Off

The Android tablet may occasionally simply freeze and refuse to switch on or off. Pressing the lock screen button won’t function correctly in this situation.

But there is a solution to this. Simultaneously press the power and lock keys and hold them there for 8 seconds. This is a backup power on/off switch for when the real one breaks.

App Problems

Our favourite apps occasionally fail to perform as intended. Periodically it will notify you that the app isn’t functioning, and other times it won’t. Sometimes the program won’t shut down, or the entire screen will freeze.

If a particular application on your device is acting up and you receive a warning, press the Force Close button to end the problem. When you reopen it after a brief delay, it should be functioning regularly.Swipe an app away from the multitask menu to close it.

If it doesn’t resolve the problem and the programme keeps crashing, another problem might be at play. To continuously improve their app, developers release updates. You might need to manually upgrade the app if you don’t have automatic updates enabled.

Your app might not have been functioning properly if you had used an older version. Installing the update should resolve the issue if this is the real cause.

Want To Fix Your Tablet Today?

Do you have a damaged tablet or a defective Android phone? Don’t worry; we can fix any damage and get it working like new again. Jazzy Mobiles offers rapid and hassle-free solutions for all your android tablet repair needs, owing to the professional mobile experts on staff.

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