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6 Ways To Fix Mic Not Working On An Android Phone

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Are you facing trouble using your Phone’s Microphone? Is the other person on phone unable to hear your voice? It can be an annoying situation and the first thing you need to do is try some troubleshoots yourself. In case they don’t work, rush to your nearest phone repair shop or service centre.

There are many reasons for your mic to not work, such as obstructions in the microphone, software updates, third-party appmalfunction, or hardware problems. Before you start with the troubleshooting, check if the microphone is actually working or not by recording your voice in your device’s voice recorder. If the voice is clear and playing ok, go ahead with the following fixes:

1. Restart Your Phone

Most Android phone issues can be resolved with a simple restart. If your Android microphone is giving an issue, try resetting or restarting your phone. This will clear the app logs and other potential software faults, and your mic may start working fine again.

2. Check If The Phone Case Is Covering Mic

Did you recently install a new protective case on your phone? If yes, check out if it is blocking the microphone hole. Replace the cover if you notice any disruptions caused by the phone case.

3. Look For Connected Devices

In some cases, you may be unaware that your phone is connected to a Bluetooth device. Since most of these devices have their microphone, your phone’s mic performance may get disrupted and it may not work as a result. Disconnect your phone from other Bluetooth devices and restart it.

4. Keep Your Microphone Clean

With prolonged use, dirt gets accumulates in your phone’s mic hole. This may cause issues with your microphone performance. To clean your mic, blow inside the small home or insert a thin needle into it to remove any dirt.

5. Uninstall Third-Party Applications

There may be some third-party apps triggering microphone dysfunction or causing it to fail. To test this, do the following.

Go to Microphone permissions in Settings -> Apps & Notifications > Permission Manager. Delete the unnecessary apps having access to your microphone.

6. Update Software

Sometimes any technical problem can be solved by just updating the phone. To do so.

Go to Settings -> System -> Advanced and tap on System Updates. Your phone will check out for any latest update available, and if there is, update it and then Restart your phone.

So, these were some quick fixes that can help in solving any microphone issue your device is facing. If your mic is still not working well, bring the device to our technician at Microphone Repair Store Jazzy Mobiles.

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