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Common Tablet Problems You Can Prevent Easily


Tablets are fantastic gadgets. Compared to PCs or laptops, tablets are lighter, more portable, and make good e-readers, which is one of the main reasons individuals prefer them. People who are always on the move will appreciate the value of a tablet.

They are ideal for working at a desk or watching television while lying in bed. That does not, however, imply that they are without problems.

Our specialists at Jazzy Mobiles have found that frequent problems with tablets can be solved as their use grows.

Here are five of the most frequent problems that our professionals resolve for clients each day:

Problem 1: Storage

The most frequent complaint from tablet users is that they quickly run out of memory space. You cannot save your complete digital life on tablets without running into storage problems. Go through all the apps on your tablet and remove those you don’t use. Additionally, you can use cloud storage services like Dropbox or Drive to save your files.

Problem 2: Unclean Screens

Touchscreens are fantastic—until they get dirty, that is. No matter how thoroughly you wash your hands, sweat and other skin oils can still leave a terrible stain on the tablet screen. If nothing is done, your display will eventually have a large spot. You can easily maintain the screen with a bit of daily cleanup.

Problem 3: Reduced Life Expectancy

One of the most prevalent tablet-related problems is this one. In general, tablets last less time than other cell phones and laptops. Tablets typically work well for two years, after which they need to be constantly repaired if their software is not updated.

Problem 4: Battery Issues

One of the most frequent problems users have with tablets is the battery. These problems include slow charging, brief battery life, and occasional failure. If the tablet’s battery cannot be removed and replaced, the issues are significantly more difficult to solve.

Problem 5: Problems With PC Or Computer Recognition

Installing a fresh driver is advised if your device is plugged into a PC or laptop using a cable and is not immediately recognised. Check the USB connection’s status and update the tablet’s software from the menu. Once this is finished, you can connect it to a computer or laptop to test whether it functions or not.


These were some typical tablet-related problems that consumers frequently encounter. Fortunately, the majority of the issues are small and simple to fix. With experienced mobile technicians, Jazzy Mobiles provides quick and hassle-free solutions for all your mobile, iPad and tablet repair needs. Get in touch with us today!

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