How Do You Fix A Headphone Jack That Doesn’t Work?

How do you fix a headphone jack that doesn't work

Is your headphone jack is not working? Keep reading to know some ways for fixing it.

Not only do our headphones facilitate hands-free talks anytime, wherever, but they also let us listen to music or podcasts. It’s challenging to accomplish anything without them since they’ve become necessary to our everyday lives. If, therefore, your headphones do not function with your Android phone, it could be a pain.

For people who frequently listen to music or are in noisy places, it can be frustrating and happens to many users. Usually, when you plug in your headphones, the smartphone should recognise them, and everything should work as intended. But malfunctioning the jack is what no one wishes to have.

Let’s understand some ways to fix malfunctioning headphone jack:

Ways to fix a damaged headphone jack.

Below are a few tips to consider for fixing a damaged headphone jack:

Check the device’s settings

See if everything is in order in the device’s settings and if your headphones function correctly on other devices. This process should be easy to follow because there aren’t many parameters to check. Expand the panel to match the media sound by pressing either volume key.

Clean out the port physically

Your smartphone is probably the most mistreated and utilised piece of everyday technology you own. So, with typical usage, filth, grit, and grime in the 3.5mm headphone port increases when you carry your phone everywhere. No matter if you have it to work or the park.

  • To simplify the cleaning procedures, tilt your Android device to the side.
  • Carefully tuck the compressed air can’s straw into the port.
  • Repeat this procedure a few times to remove any dust and lint that may still be lodged in the port.

Another helpful tool for clearing obstructions from the headphone jack that compressed air might not be able to remove is cleaning alcohol with a cotton swab. Still, move on to the next remedy if you cannot locate any physical object obstructing the headphone jack.

  • Before moving on, turn off your device to ensure the circuitry isn’t harmed during the cleansing.
  • Gather a wooden toothpick, cotton swab, and cleaning alcohol drop.
  • Use the cotton swab to clean the interior of the 3.5mm slot, then allow it to air dry for a few minutes.

Restart device

It would be best if you had tried this previously, but if not, then doing this can make a big difference. Restart your phone and pat it on the head if the first two fixes don’t work.

  • Holding down the power button will cause the power menu to appear.
  • This is the restart button.
  • To do the act, tap “Restart.”

So, try doing a fundamental reset and see if it works for you.

Check your headphones

Though the 3.5mm port that your headphones plug into your smartphone may be the underlying issue, there’s a chance there’s nothing wrong with the device’s headphone jack.

The simplest method to determine whether the headphones are the problem is to listen to the audio while plugged into a separate smartphone or media device. If you still cannot detect any sound, your headphones may have a problem.

Turning off secondary audio connections

The headphone jack is becoming less and less common as the world of audio moves toward making Bluetooth a wireless music player. However, interference between the two can malfunction the headphone jack on devices powered by Bluetooth and the 3.5mm audio port.

Make sure your Android device’s Bluetooth module is off before you begin. This is done to prevent the headphone jack connection from being hampered and ensure the smartphone isn’t automatically pairing with another Bluetooth device.


All of the above-listed fixes can work for the most common problems that cause the headphone jack to malfunction. Nevertheless, even with all the fixes above, your smartphone’s 3.5mm port may have been physically damaged, making it unfixable. So, locate and contact a reputable Mobile Repair Shop.

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