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How Do You Maintain Your iPhone’s Battery Health?

How do you maintain your iphone battery health

Having an iPhone is a challenging job, as it needs proper maintenance, too. An iPhone is only as valuable as its battery life. From the first iPhone, users have been exchanging tips on optimising iPhone battery life and lifespan to get more performance from every charge.

We all know the variety of features the iPhone is known for and why a significant share of the community prefers iPhones more than any other device. However, it’s essential to know when your iPhone Battery Replacement. If you need troubleshooting because your iPhone is slow or not charging, read our article for those solutions first.

Let’s delve more into this topic:

What is iPhone battery health?

iPhone battery health refers to the state or condition of the battery in an iPhone. Apple introduced the Battery Health feature as part of its iOS software to inform users about their device’s battery performance.

Key aspects of iPhone battery health include:

Maximum Capacity: This metric indicates the full charge the battery can hold compared to when it was new. A higher percentage, such as 100%, means the battery is functioning at its total capacity, while a lower percentage indicates that the battery’s capacity has degraded over time.

Peak Performance Capability: This feature assesses whether the battery can provide peak performance for the device. The device may experience unexpected shutdowns during high-performance tasks if the battery health is significantly degraded.

Optimised Battery Charging: Introduced in later iOS versions, this feature is designed to slow down the rate of battery aging by learning the user’s daily charging patterns and adjusting the charging process accordingly.

For example, it might avoid charging the battery to 100% immediately if the device predicts it won’t be unplugged for an extended period.

Tips to maintain your iPhone’s battery health

Below are some of the most common considerations for maintaining your iPhone’s battery health:

Avoid using your phone while charging

A short time spent surfing social media and reading some messages is harmless. When charging your iPhone, though, stay away from playing games for too long. The problem will worsen, and your iPhone’s long-term battery health will be impacted if you charge both devices simultaneously.

As a result, to take care of your iPhone’s battery, it’s necessary to plan and charge your gadget sufficiently. Besides, holding and using a heated iPhone correctly is uncomfortable.

Turn Off Unused features.

You should turn off any features you don’t require to reduce the number of charge cycles and preserve the health of your iPhone’s battery. These can include battery-intensive services that you can find in the Settings app, such as Bluetooth, Location Settings, Background App Refresh, and push notifications.

Getting the most out of a full battery charge on your iPhone is possible in a few ways, like this one. Additionally, you can lower your iPhone’s brightness, enable fewer notifications so that they don’t constantly wake up your Lock Screen, and, if your iPhone has one, turn off the always-on display.

Use official Apple chargers and cables.

Always use accessories that have received Apple certification for your protection and the battery’s longevity in your iPhone. The finest Lightning cables for charging your iPhone are among these officially sanctioned products. They provide protection from power surges and short circuits, which could otherwise harm you or damage the phone’s internal parts, such as the battery.

Numerous dishonest businesses manufacture low-quality iPhone chargers. Though they can still charge your device, Apple does not approve these chargers. Therefore, the quality and compatibility with your iPhone’s battery are compromised.

Invest in a case for your iPhone.

The health of the internal components in your iPhone will eventually be impacted by repeated impact on hard surfaces, which will negatively affect the battery. Thus, by collecting debris before it enters your device, a protective cover can help shield the ports on your iPhone from harm.

Ensure your case does not wrap your iPhone simultaneously since this could lead to overheating and harm the device’s battery life. This problem can be avoided by taking off your iPhone case while charging.

Update to the latest iOS version

You must update the operating system to keep your iPhone’s battery healthy. Over time, software updates for your iPhone are applied to enhance its speed and functionality. Long-term battery health is maintained as a result.

You can also use new battery-saving features frequently included in these upgrades. One of the improvements, for example, added Screen Time, which makes it easier to monitor how much time people spend on their smartphones and which apps they use most frequently.

Wrap Up

Including these practices in your iPhone usage routine can significantly contribute to your battery’s longevity and overall health. Remember that minor adjustments in your settings and charging habits can ensure your iPhone remains a reliable companion throughout its lifecycle. As technology evolves, practising good care habits for your iPhone Battery will remain crucial to smartphone ownership.

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