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Solutions To Common Android Phone Issues You Can Try at Home


As with any gadget, occasional problems are expected, even in androids. Fortunately, not all issues are as severe as they first appear, and many may be fixed with a few simple measures. We will discuss some of the more typical Android phone issues and potential fixes below!

Simple Troubleshooting For Android Phones

You might successfully fix your phone at home if you have the following problems. Before putting your Android cellphone to the side or taking it to a mobile repair shop, try saving it with one of the following fixes.

1. Poor Battery Life

Making a few settings changes could be helpful if your phone’s battery drains faster than usual. Start by enabling energy-saving mode in the settings menu of your smartphone to reduce performance and limit background data usage progressively. Next, check Battery Optimization to see if any apps have Doze mode enabled.

2. Connectivity Issues

Rebooting your mobile device can resolve the poor internet or data connection issue. If restarting doesn’t help, try turning your Wi-Fi, mobile data, and even Airplane mode on and off again. You can also try disabling your Wi-Fi network’s connection, waiting a short while, and then re-establishing your connection.

3. Overheating

Android customers ought to avoid using their phones excessively when they are charging. Your Android device may overheat when using third-party apps or even features like the camera. If you frequently use a problematic app, try removing it or see if the most recent version is needed.

4. Low Storage

Here are some ideas to try if you constantly get the “Insufficient Storage Available” message. Go to the Application Manager (found in the device settings). First, see which programmes are taking up your internal storage space; then, you can uninstall them if you don’t use them very often to save space.

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