The Best Smartphone Accessories for Protection to Extend the Life of Your Device


It’s critical to consider the safety of your phone. Accept it. Fortunately, several accessories are available to safeguard your phone, allowing you to prolong its lifespan and make the most of your purchase.

Reading further to learn more about the best smartphone accessories that can safeguard your device and extend its life.

Four Phone Accessories That’ll Prolong The Life Of Your Device

These tech gadgets can help you get the most use possible out of your smartphone.

1. Protective Cases

You should, of course, check that your case has the appropriate apertures for your phone’s ports and camera lenses and is compatible with any features unique to your phone, such as wireless charging.

But more importantly, you should think about the substance a case is made of. Silicone and rubber cases are popular because of their small, simplistic design and a basic level of protection, but they don’t absorb much impact. Therefore, they might only sometimes act in the best protective manner.

To ensure protection, you don’t need to select the heaviest, sturdiest case you can find. You can get a polycarbonate and TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic case for your smartphone.

2. Screen Protectors

Screen covers come in two primary categories: tempered glass and plastic. Although plastic can work, our professionals advise using tempered glass screen protectors instead because they are more durable and resistant to impact and scratches. Additionally, they provide your phone’s screen with a smooth feel without impairing the touchscreen’s sensitivity.

3. PopSockets

A PopSocket will let you hold your phone even more firmly. PopSockets provide you with an additional object to grab onto, reducing the likelihood that you will drop your phone. They are not only fashionable, but they also offer excellent protection, especially when combined with the appropriate case and screen protector.

4. Chargers

We are constantly advised not to reach for the charger as soon as our gadget reaches 80%. Did you realise, however, that emptying your battery is also bad for your phone’s battery health? According to charging best practices, you should typically top off your phone anytime it drops below 50% and should keep it charged between 30% and 90% of the time. So it’s acceptable to let your phone complete a full charge cycle once in a while, but avoid doing it frequently. Your phone’s battery life and functionality may suffer if you let the battery level drop to 0%. The same goes for continuing to charge it when it reaches 100%. To prevent your phone battery from constantly draining, having a good charger is a good idea.

Wrapping It Up!

To enhance the functioning of your smart devices, we offer a selection of modern phone accessories and replacement components. We also provide swift and hassle-free solutions for all your mobile, iPad, and tablet repairs. Contact our professionals at Jazzy Mobiles right away!

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