What does the new iOS 17 Update do?

What does the new iOS 17 Update do

iOS 17 offers new ways to communicate and express yourself through significant improvements to Phones, Messages, and FaceTime. StandBy gives you a unique full-screen experience with glanceable information when the iPhone is charging and is turned on its side. It is now simpler to connect and share with people nearby with AirDrop, thanks to the addition of NameDrop for contact sharing.

Moreover, text entering is now more rapid and straightforward than ever, thanks to keyboard advancements. iOS 17 also includes Widgets, Safari, Music, and AirPlay updates. To improve communication, Apple revamped the Phone app. Let’s know more about the update:

What’s new in the Latest Version?

After releasing iOS 17 on September 18, Apple swiftly followed up with iOS 17.0.1, which included three zero-day security patches that “may have been actively exploited.” Only a few days after the essential iOS 17.0.1 update was made available by Apple, iOS 17.

The same day, iOS 17.0.2 for iPhone 15 models fixed an issue affecting new iPhone users. Some customers who bought new iPhone 15 models claimed they could not transfer data from an earlier iPhone during the setup process. The identical update was made available for further iPhone models on September 27. All new iPhones must be updated to iOS 17.0.2 before transferring data from an out-of-date iPhone.

On October 4, iOS 17.0.3 included a fix for a flaw causing iPhones to overheat, mainly the iPhone 15 Pro. iOS 17.0.3 includes two security updates and a fix for the overheated iPhone 15 Pro.

Taking a few other aspects into consideration


When you call someone with a personalised poster, Contact Posters let you tailor how you look on their device. When someone leaves a message, Live Voicemail lets you pick up the phone and shows a live transcription of the message.


All of your stickers, including Live Stickers, Memoji, Animoji, emoji stickers, and sticker packs from third parties, are collected in one place with the Stickers iMessage app. Live Stickers can be made by taking a subject from images or videos and stylising it with effects like Shiny, Puffy, Comic, and Outline. You may read audio messages immediately and listen to them later, thanks to audio message transcription.

By enabling you to combine search filters like individuals, phrases, and content kinds like photographs or links, search improvements make it easier for you to discover notes quickly. By swiping to the right on any bubble, users can Swipe to reply to a message inline.


When no one answers your FaceTime call, leave a video or audio message to capture precisely what you want to say. Use your iPhone as a camera to make FaceTime calls on Apple TV (for Apple TV 4K 2nd generation and later).

In video calls, reactions layer 3D effects such as hearts, balloons, confetti, and more all around you and may be activated with motions. You can change the strength of studio lighting and portrait mode with video effects.


By pressing an interactive widget on the Home Screen, Lock Screen, or on StandBy, you can perform activities directly from the widget, such as marking a reminder as complete. You may add widgets from your iPhone to your Mac desktop using iPhone widgets.


By bringing your iPhones close to one another, AirDrop enables you to share contact information with a new contact. A novel approach to sharing media is done by just bringing your iPhones close together. Airdrop allows you to share material or launch a Share Play session.


When the iPhone is lying on its side and charging in locations like your bedside, kitchen counter, or desk, the full-screen experience has glanceable information like clocks, photographs, and widgets made to be viewed from a distance. Many clocks are accessible, including Digital, Analog, Solar, Float, and World Clocks.

Some of these clocks have customisable features, including accent colour. Photos can automatically cycle through your most outstanding images or show off your specific album.

Wrap Up

The software update list for the iOS version your phone is running, which lets you know whether an update is available or not, is another crucial factor to consider after learning what is new in that update. Additionally, make sure you have enough storage before updating your operating system. IOS 17 needs several gigabytes of storage space on your smartphone to install correctly. Visit Jazzy Mobiles at for more information.

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