What’s the difference between iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro?

What’s the difference between iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro

Apple just launched a new iPhone 15! Are you wishing to get one? But before that, check how this new iPhone differs from the older one (iPhone 14).

When it comes to its Pro line of phones once again, Apple has delivered a handful of seemingly small but fairly noteworthy updates to its latest devices. With almost the same price tag in the US in 2022’s iPhone 14 Pro, this year’s iPhone 15 Pro features a new customisable Action Button instead of the long-standing mute switch.

The new titanium design makes the phone a bit lighter, and a revamped A17 Pro chip under the hood aims to flex Apple’s chip-making process. Let’s understand more about this topic:

How iPhone 14 is different from iPhone 15?

However, both phones are super powerful and have their specification, yet there might be some differences between both models. Given below are the key differences between iPhone 14 and iPhone 15:

Design and Size

It was anticipated that the iPhone 15 Pro would share a 6.1-inch footprint so it possesses. One of the most significant benefits of choosing titanium is its lighter. Before, polished stainless steel was utilised in iPhone Pro models; thus, this is a first.

Beyond being more resistant to scratches, titanium also withstands harm more effectively. It is currently in use on the Apple Watch Ultra, which has shown to hold up quite well. A shift from the glossy finish of the 14 Pro, a veritable magnet for fingerprints, to this new material will also have a more brushed matte appearance.


The 6.1-inch OLED screen of the iPhone 15 Pro and 14 Pro is the same size. The iPhone 14 Pro and the more recent 15 Pro boast excellent colours and an Always-On function. The 14 Pro reaches 2,000 nits of peak outdoor brightness.

Additionally, all models have 120Hz refresh rate Pro Motion technology, which can transition between 1Hz for static content like lock screen wallpapers and 120Hz when scrolling for a buttery smooth experience.

The screen’s look alone is the one improvement. The iPhone 15 Pro’s screen margins are almost one-third thinner, giving it a more sophisticated appearance.

According to earlier sources, these are even thinner than the 2.17mm ones on the 14 Pro, measuring just 1.55mm, which would make them the most delicate borders on a smartphone ever.

Performance and software

Under the hood of the iPhone 15 Pro is the new A17 Bionic chip, Apple’s first chip to be constructed using the most recent 3nm manufacturing technology. With only 3nm, you can achieve remarkable performance and efficiency increases over the 4nm technology Apple has employed in the A17 and A16 chips and many more transistors (19 billion on A17 vs. 16 billion on A16) on the same-sized chip.

More RAM than the 14 Pro’s 6GB is probably found in the upcoming iPhone, which has 8GB. That hasn’t been verified yet, though. However, Apple is also expected to maintain the same LPDDR5 RAM technology on the 15 Pro and 14 Pro.


The 15 Pro has a triple camera setup, similar to the 14 Pro: a 48MP primary camera, 12 MP ultra-wide camera, and 12 MP 2x telephoto enabled by quad-pixel sensor). Not only but iPhone 15 comes with 2x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out, and 4x visual zoom range.

The iPhone 15 Pro lets customers change the camera’s focal length, providing 24, 28, or 25mm options, even though both phones have 48MP resolution. As a result, the camera’s capture range for the scene is limited.

Battery life and Charging

Despite this, this small change does not affect the new model’s battery life. The iPhone 15 Pro’s battery life indications exactly match those of the iPhone 14 Pro, according to information provided by Apple. Apple asserts that the new iPhone 15 Pro’s battery life is significantly better than the previous model’s. This is partly attributable to the new, more energy-efficient chipset and the bigger battery.

While the pro model’s battery capacity is 3274 mAh, the new iPhone 15’s capacity is 3349 mAh. The new USB-C connector on the iPhone 15 Pro raised hopes for faster charging rates, but those hopes proved baseless.


One of the most significant improvements in the series is the iPhone 15 Pro. The lighter titanium body, sleek aesthetic, thinner bezels and a welcome USB-C connector updated A17 chip, cameras, Super High-Res images, and new focal lengths.

Should you repurchase the 14 Pro if you already have one? It is not mandatory, but we think new launches bring new things and upgrades.

Will you be switching to a more distinctive model of the iPhone 15 Pro, and what is your favourite new feature?

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